Number 40 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

Number 40 Brixton Road can be seen above and is one half of Migue’s Tapas Bar. Originally it was a standalone shop, it was then converted and merged with the shops either side. At some point the merge with number 38 was severed however as 38 is a separate shop again. Number 40 was originally number 42 Brixton Road

1888G BrookTailor
1889G BrookTailor
1890G BrookTailor
1891G BrookTailor
18921892Not featured/
1894Grogan & SonsButchers
1895Grogan & SonsButchers
1897Grogan & SonsButchers
1898Grogan & SonsButchers
1903S Frost & CoProvisions Dealers
1904S Frost & CoCheesemongers
1909S Frost & CoProvisions Merchants
1915S Frost & CoProvisions Dealers
1920S Frost & CoProvisions Dealers
1923S Frost & CoProvisions Dealers
Now joined to the properites either side
1925S Frost & CoProvisions Dealers
1926S Frost & CoProvisions Dealers
1928S Frost & CoProvisions Merchants, butchers & grocersTelephone Brixton 1437

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