80, 96, 98 Hackford Road 1881 to 1928

Numbers 80, 96 and 98 are all the same building, the numbers change as the street was renumbered a few times, especially at this end as commercial properties were built.  The building the was once Price and Kings’s vets at 80/96/98 Hackford Road. The large building still stands, it was specially adapted with high ceilings and winch ropes designed for the treatment of large animals such as elephants and giraffes. The site around the museum was Hackford Road’s industrial part, once housing a sausage making factory, a parking depot area for hackney cab’s and Pickford’s removals. The museum houses examples of the art and craft of typography from the last 500 years. You can see it on a map here.

188180William Frederick AllenCab Proprietor
188680Thomas PriceVetinary Surgeon
188880Thomas PriceVetinary Surgeon
188980Thomas S PriceVetinary Surgeon
189080Thomas S PriceVetinary Surgeon
189180Thomas S PriceVetinary Surgeon
189280Thomas S PriceVetinary Surgeon
189480Thomas S PriceVetinary Surgeon
189580Thomas S PriceVetinary Surgeon
189680Thomas S PriceVetinary Surgeon
189780Thomas S PriceVetinary Surgeon
189880Thomas S PriceVetinary Surgeon
190496Price & KingVetinary Surgeons
190996Price & KingVetinary Surgeons
192398Price & KingVetinary Surgeons
192698Price & KingVetinary Surgeons

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