Number 38a which is now the side door to number 36 in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

Number 38a is now a side door to number 36 but in Kelly’s directories up to 1898 this was the entrance to Mr Sweeting’s timber store. Presumably the door led through to a back yard which is probably now the yard the Blissetts use as their timber store although accessed through a different route now.

I wonder if this Mr Sweeting is any relation to the Sweeting family who at the same time were running the local undertakers over on what is now Caldwell Street? There is a Roberson Sweeting listed on the Census of what was then Holland Street (Now Caldwell Street) however he would have only been 12 back in 1881, unless in those days they could run a business from a very young age, I am doubtful however. Perhaps it was a relative with the same name. See here for more info on the other Sweeting Family. Perhaps being in the timber trade meant that this side of the family made the coffins? Who knows?

1881Roberson SweetingTimber Merchant
1886R Sweeting & SonsTimber Merchant
1888R Sweeting & SonsTimber Merchant
1889R Sweeting & SonsTimber Merchant
1890R Sweeting & SonsTimber Merchant
1891R Sweeting & SonsTimber Merchant
1892R Sweeting & SonsTimber Merchant
1894R Sweeting & SonsTimber Merchant
1895R Sweeting & SonsTimber Merchant
1897R Sweeting & SonsTimber Merchant
1898Property no longer listed
1903Property no longer listed
1904Property no longer listed
1909Property no longer listed
1915Property no longer listed
1920Property no longer listed
1923Property no longer listed
1926Property no longer listed
1928Property no longer listed


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