Mike’s Memories – Brixton Road, South Island Place, Morat Street, Groveway, Wilson’s

Mike wrote to me in December 2012, sharing his memories of growing up on South Island Place and of the surrounding area, he writes:

I lived at 26 South Island place from 1954 – 1978 my parents lived there from 1950- 2008.
 I have loads of memories I had a job working in Finches the off Licence on Brixton Road, I was 13 at the time riding the shop bike with a big straw basket on the front delivering bottles of stout to Mrs Dibble in Morat Street and wine to the scrap yard in South Island Place – Dave of Paramount Metals and to Mr Sale in Groveway (who owned Sales Stores on Brixton Road) and many more.

Once a month I took all the old cardboard boxes (flattened) to Wilsons for their ovens
, they used to give me some cakes to take home sometimes. 
Everybody was so friendly and we all knew each other. We could play in the street with no bother.
 There was prefabs in South Island Place from Number 30 up to the stables as I had some friends who lived there. 
I also remember the all the new buildings going up.


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