Number 76 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1903 to 1928

Number 76 is the property with the J R Blanche sign above it on the left of the modern photo above. The premises is merged with number 74 and forms one large independent, Sri Lankan owned ‘Happy Shopper’ supermarket. The sign that is currently showing is clearly rather old, how old is hard to tell, there is no sign of a J R Blanche in Kelly’s Directories 1903 to 1928 however the shop was a newsagent for this entire period.

1903Mrs Mary QuinlanNewsagent
1904Mrs Mary HopeNewsagent
1909Sales & SonsNewsagent & National Telephone Co. Ltd Public Call Office
1915Harry AdamsNewsagent
1920Edward CookeNewsagent
1923Edward CookeNewsagent
1925Edward CookeNewsagent
1926Edward CookeNewsagent
1928Edward CookeNewsagent

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