Part 11 – The professions of Cranworth Gardens 1911

You can learn a great deal about the history a street by looking at professions of the past tenants. In this section I’ve taken the information entered onto the census returns of 1911 and separated the column where the occupants listed what they did for a living to paint a picture of who did what.

The graph below shows the amount of people for each type of profession…

In the next section I have split the professions listed on the census into types of industry, underneath each are the various census entries as written by the occupants of Cranworth Gardens 1911.

The Entertainment Industry

Actor/Actress (x8)
Actor-Vocalist & Private Means
Manager – Dancing Troupes – Theatres & Music Halls (self employed)
Music Hall Agent (self employed)
Music Hall Artist – Comedian
Music Hall Artist (x4)
Music Hall Artist Supplier
Musician (self employed)
Professional Roller Skater (self employed)
Singer (x2)
Stage Manager
Theatre Attendant (x2)
Theatre Clerk
Theatrical Advertising Agent
Theatrical Assistant
Theatrical Profession (x2)

Office Based

Assistant superintendant in central telegraph office
Bank Clerk
Boy Clerk
Chartered Accountants Clerk
Civil Servant – Sorting Clerk – Post Office
Civil Servant. First class clerk in HM office of Woods, Forests and Land revenue.
Civil service – Boy Clerk – Board of Agriculture
Clerk – Commercia/Export/Engineer & Ironmonger
Clerk – Confectionary
Clerk, Engineer.
Electrotypers Assistant
Second Division Clerk, Civil Service
Telephone Operator


Elementary School Teacher – London County Council (x2)
School Mistress LCC (x2)
Teacher of music

Skilled Manual Work

Artist Designer (leather)
Artist Designer  (silk and satin)
Billiard Table Maker
Civil Engineer – London County Council
Retired Civil Engineer
Corset Maker
Drapers Assistant
Dressmaker (x2)
Electrician – Wireman
Hackney Carriage Driver
Oil Colourman
Photographer – Commercial
Tailor (retired)
Umbrella Manufacturer
Vellum Binder & Stationer

General Unskilled Labour

Caretaker for the flat (it belongs ot a Mr Wilkin)
Market Porter on a fish market

Hotel, Waiter /Waitress

Hotel dining room superintendent
Hotel Waiter (x2)
Restaurant Waiter – Savoy Hotel

High End Profession

Accountant in practice
Composer of music
Estate Agents
Insurance Agent
Journalist (x2)
Manager – Agent for manufacturers dress materials
Manager – Dealer in motor cars and accessories
Manager – Motor Carriage Works – Building of bodies for private motor cars
Political Agent
Restaurant Manager
Solicitor (Self employed)


Bookmaker on racecourse
District Collector – Local Taxation Licence Duties – London County Council

Sales and Shop Work

Cashier – Smithfield Meat Market – Meat Salesman
Commercial Traveller – Condensed Milk
Commercial Traveller – Provisions
Commercial Traveller – Selling Rope
Grocers Manager
Store Manager – General
Traveller – Motor body accessories


Servants (x10)

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