Body believed to be missing tramp

The Observer – Saturday July 21st 1923


A woman’s power box and puff were the only articles in the pockets of the clothing covering a skeleton found last Friday in a bricked up cellar at 157, Brixton Road, London.  At the inquest at the Lambeth Coroner’s Court yesterday, Detective Sergeant Clark said it was impossible to establish the identity of the body. Although every inquiry had been made. A very dirty tramp whose proper name was unknown had used the cellar as a sleeping place. This man whose age was between 35 and 40 had been missing for about eighteen months. Dr Glasgow of Brixton Road said there were no marks of violence on the skeleton. It was lying in the recumbent position which would be naturally assumed by an exhausted person. The man had been dead eighteen months to two years at least. The jury returned a verdict of death from natural causes, there being no evidence to show who the person was.

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