Local Memories

Pearl’s Memories

Pearl has written to me several times over the last few years, sharing her memories of growing in Albert Square and of the surrounding area.

Eileen’s Memories

Eileen wrote to me in November 2014, sharing her memories of living in Cranworth Gardens

Jackie’s Memories

Jackie wrote to me in February 2015, sharing her memories of living in Brixton Road, South Island Place and Liberty Street

David Moorhouse’s Memories

David wrote on the site in February 2015, sharing his memories of Hackford Road, Morat Street and local businesses and schools.

Mike’s Memories

Mike wrote to me in December 2012, sharing his memories of growing up on South Island Place and of the surrounding area.

David’s Memories

David wrote to me in January 2013, sharing his memories of living on Crewdson Road and of the surrounding area.

Sue’s Memories

Sue wrote to me in May 2014, sharing her memories of living in Mowll Street.

Michelle’s Memories

Michelle wrote to me in June 2012, sharing her memories of growing up on Morat Street and of the surrounding area.

Linda’s Memories

Linda wrote to me in September 2012, sharing her memories of Clapham Road, Brixton Road and of working at Freeman’s.

Dee’s memories

Dee wrote to me in August 2012, sharing her memories of living in Durand Gardens and of the surrounding area.

Peter’s Memories

Peter wrote to me in September 2012, sharing his memories of Claylands Road, Offley Road and of the surrounding area.

John’s Memories

John wrote to me in May 2012, sharing his memories of Morat Street, Caldwell Street and of the surrounding area.

Zoe’s Memories

Zoe contacted the site in April 2014 sharing her memories of Durand Gardens and Hackford road:

Do you have any recollections, memories or information about this area? If so please contact me here and let me know!


13 Responses to Local Memories

  1. Dave James says:

    I lived at 44 Crewdson Road between 1972 and 1976. I shared the bottom flat with 3 or 4 friends as I was attending Camberwell College of Art and some of the others attended South Bank Polytechic. We were 19 and this was a our first time living away from home – the other end of the Northern Line for most of us in Barnet! It was a wonderful time – we had no money but luckily Chick, a mate of ours who was in full time work stayed a couple of years and ferried us around in his Ford Anglia. We discovered pubs which had strippers (The Skinners Arms) and there was cricket at The Oval round the corner where in 1973 the locals descended in their thousands from Brixton to support the West Indies. We called ourselves The Brixton Bolts and visited the legendary Beckys Dive Bar in Southwark (?) and other truly Dickesian hostelries – Saff London was quite grim in the early 70s. At gigs we met Ian Dury and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. If we needed cheering up we threw a party and half of North London would descend on the flat – they were really great times and I still get a fond chill when I’m in the area.

  2. When I was 3 years old I lived in Blackwell street which was just off Chrysell Road. There was a cake factory opposite us and mum and I would talk to the night-watchman Mr Green, sometimes he would give us cakes from the factory. On the same side, where we lived there were barrels of honey stored and there were lots of bees around which was good because my dad had a beautiful garden which I loved.

    We use to play in the road, games like ‘Mr Porter can we cross the water’ and putting up sticks against the wall to see if we could knock them down by hitting a ball at them. I had lots of friends there but the time came that Blackwell street and Farrar road were pulled down and the names of our roads were gone forever.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your memories of living in Blackwell Street.

      It sounds like you look back fondly on that time.

      Do feel free to share any further memories you have of living in this area.

      Many thanks


  3. Chrissy says:

    I lived in Blackwell Street from the time I was born until I was 10 years old when they pulled it down

    I remember the bakers on the corner of Farrar Street, a ladt named Eddie who had a boxer dog. We lived at no. 52 where the book makers used to stand outside and write their bets on the wall.

    I also remember playing with a girl called Carol who I think lived with her Grandad and boy called Alan Jones.

    My grand parent lived in Farrer Road too.

    I wish there were soe photos somewhere so if anyone knowsof any, please let me know

  4. Chrissy says:

    Sorry I mis spelt my email address in the prevous comment

  5. Janet Parsons says:

    I lived in Blackwell Street from birth until we had to move because they wanted to demolish the houses. My name was Janet Tuck and I lived at 25, my grandfather lived at 27. My mum worked at the Honey factory in Blackwell St.
    I went to Sunday school, and Junos at Christchurch in Brixton Road. There was a coal yard, and a garage in The street the end nr Brixton Road.. Remeber the fish and chip shop, and the Perseverance Pub on the corner of Chrysell Road and Vassall Road.
    On the corner of Blackwell and Chyrsell was a dairy, on the other a old clothes shop, plus opposite 27 was a sweet shop.

    • I lived at 19blackwell street in the 1950s. I have a photo of myself and friends in which you can see the sweet shop and a little bit of the dairy.

      • Janet Parsons. Nee Tuck. says:

        We lived at 25 at 23 were the parfitts, every morning Mrs parfitt sang o’what a beautiful morning. It really annoyed my dad.
        You Connie, must have been at the coronation party they held in the street? We’re you opposite the Nelson family.
        We moved to Nunhead when Blackwell Street was demolished.
        Don’t know if you remember grandfather at 27 sitting outside smoking a pipe. He died in 1962.

      • Chrissy Page says:

        Hi do you have photos that you could post on here

  6. Richardsmith says:

    I lived In mowell st in the fifties all my schools were in hackford rd. I remember playing on the bomb sites in Caldwell st. Went to Sunday school next to Christ church also Juno’s. I remember the shops in south island place. Wilson’s bakery was at the top end in Brixton rd.

    • Peter Garwood says:

      Hi Richard, I think we may have sat next to each other at the Reay School in Mr Miles class 4. I recall we used to compete as to who could do our sums rhe quickest and trying to be the first in the class to get them marked by Mr Miles. He was a strict teacher but very fair and was my first teacher ro teach us Fractions.

      I lived in nearby Hillyatd Street from 1949 to 1960.

  7. Michael Burke says:

    Lived in Holmedene Mansions in Vassall Road in the 1950’s until 1962 or thereabouts. Clearly remember the greengrocers and the old clothes shop and Dormans at the end of Vassall Road. Seem to recollect one of the shop owners was a guy we called “Chick”. I remember some of the other children who lived in the Mansions, in particular the Searles and Franklins and a kid called Bobby Jennings who lived in Chryssal Road near the dairy run by the Welsh Guy. Nice memories and I hope all of the people I mentioned have had a really good life,

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