87 Hackford Road 1881 to 1928

Number 87 Hackford Road is still standing and is probably the most famous ‘business’ on the street, it housed Miss Ursula Loyer’s ‘Finishing school for ladies’ better known as Vincent Van Gogh’s lodgings from 1873 to 1874. Read more about it here. See number 87 on a map here.

188195Mrs Sarah WiggintonShopkeeper
188695Gilbert ElstoneGeneral Shop
188895Gilbert ElstoneGeneral Shop
188995Gilbert ElstoneGeneral Shop
189095Gilbert ElstoneGeneral Shop
189195Gilbert ElstoneGeneral Shop
189295Gilbert ElstoneGeneral Shop
189495Mrs E GoringGeneral Shop
189595Mrs E GoringGeneral Shop
189695Mrs E GoringGeneral Shop
189795Mrs E GoringGeneral Shop
189895Mrs E GoringGeneral Shop
190495Frederick HearnGeneral Shop
190995Mrs Annie ChuggShopkeeper

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