What are Kelly’s Directories and how does this section work?

Kelly’s Directories…

Kelly’s Directory (or more formally, the Kelly’s, Post Office and Harrod & Co Directory) was a trade directory in the United Kingdom that listed all businesses and tradespeople in a particular city or town, as well as a general directory of postal addresses of local gentry, landowners, charities, and other facilities. In effect, it was a Victorian version of today’s Yellow Pages. Many reference libraries still keep their copies of these directories, which are now an important source for historical research.

How this section is set up….

I have worked my way along the west side of Brixton road and for each property I have created a page on this website. On the page you will see a photograph of the modern exterior of the building along with any historical photographs if I have them. You will then see a table showing the businesses that have come and gone in that property between 1881 and 1928. The street was renumbered and rebuilt in places, I have made note of this where it is relevant.

Let’s get started…

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