The History Of Each Street

Brixton Road

Caldwell Street

Clapham Road

Cranworth Gardens

Crewdson Road

Durand Gardens

Hackford Road

Handforth Road

Hillyard Street

Liberty Street

Morat Street

Mowll Street

Offley Road

Prima Road

South Island Place

Southey Road

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  1. Heather Flinders says:

    To Whom it may concern
    Hopefully you can assist me in identifying a particular terrace or building which stood or perhaps still stands today on Clapham Road. The property was mentioned in 1901 as ’14 Osborne Terrace Clapham Road’. From what I can see on old photographs and comparing them with the same locations today might I assume that No.14 in 1901 would relate to a building numbered 14 Clapham Road today. According to what I can see on Google streets, No.14 Clapham Road is presently a Coral Bookmakers on the north-west side of Clapham Road, but is this the same No.14 as mentioned in 1901. I hope you can help clarify this for me. Yours in anticipation Heather Flinders (Derbyshire)

  2. John Farley says:

    I am trying to find out information about
    Bellevue Gardens Mansions – 289-307 Clapham Road SW9 9BN.
    I believe that in the early to mid 19th Century this section of Clapham Road
    was known as Bellevue Gardens. Do you have any information about this?
    Thank you.

  3. Simon Tosswill says:

    The London Gazette of May 13 1873, re the will of Robert Tosswill (d 14 Jan 1842) contains the following reference:
    “one undivided thirty-second part or share of and in a House and Premises situate and being No. 307, Clapham-road, in the parish of Saint Mary, Lambeth, in the county of Surrey (formerly Clapham Rise House)”.

    I can’t add anything else, but hope this helps your research.

  4. Trevor Harris says:

    Hello, can someone help. My great-great-grandfather, Samuel March, was a coal merchant in No. 2, Moore Pla(ce), Lambeth in around 1840 (the hand written entry is available). However I cannot find Moore Place on any map. Can someone help please? With thanks, Trevor

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