Sue’s Memories – Mowll Street

Sue wrote to me in May 2014, sharing her memories of living in Mowll Street. She writes:

“I grew up in Mowll Street in the early fifties. The street comprised mostly of families, and a few very old prostitutes. These ladies (and they were ladies) I was told had been chorus girl and dancers on the Musical Halls, when the Halls started to close and they obviously got to old to earn a living on the stage this was a way of surviving. I think the same could be said of Morat Street. As kids we played in the street, with no problems, only thing was your mum had to be careful looking out the window just in case she was mistaken for one of the ladies, we were told to stay away from the windows in case we moved the curtains, which was one of the signs for their clients”

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  1. Richardsmith says:

    Hello Sue I also lived in mowell st in the fifties l had two sisters Doreen and Sonia. I lived in aigbirth mansions. Went to Durand gdns school then the Reay. It would be great to hear from you to chat about old times. There were six flats in my block three of them. occupied by prostitutes.

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