Jackie’s memories – Brixton Road, South Island Place, Liberty Street

Jackie wrote to me in February 2015, sharing her memories of Brixton Road, South Island Place and Liberty Street:

I lived at 84 Brixton Road in 1949-50. It was a dry cleaners then, it is now gone. We moved across the road to South Island Place when my mum had one of my sisters. I lived in 24 south island place in 1952, all my three sisters were born there we moved to Liberty Street as the flat only had two bedrooms. Down the road was a sweet shop, facing that a green grocer and a fish and chip shop in which mum use to get Dutch eel and chips. There was a school there the Reay school which I also went to. I went to Durand school and Reay school. My grandfather was a lollypop man for the Reay school. I remember most of the kids that lived in the area. We moved to Hampshire in 1964 for my father’s work, he was a roofer.

I remember Wilson’s the bakers at the top of South Island Place/Brixton Road they had a very big glass case of stuffed birds, I hated going in there because of them. At the top of Caldwell Street was a pub called the Russell Arms. My grandfather spent a lot of time there. My mother worked in Freeman’s. I then lived at 72 Liberty Street from 1954-55. My mum, nan, granddad and aunties lived at 70 Liberty St. My mum was a young girl when her brother was killed in the war.  

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  1. Kay Stiffkay stiff says:

    Hello I went to Durand infants and Reay junior. Remember the shops in sip. Coleman’s the butchers, his son nicknamed Butch was my brothers friend. Thee was Codes sweet shop and Troy’s. fish – chip shop. There were stables near Clapham Rd, and also on the side by the prefabs where Rose:s veg shop was.Past the stables on Clapham Rd was Week’s removels which became a coffee bar run by one of my friends sister.The Russell Hotel is now a Tesco…Kay stiff

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