Our streets at war – A street by street guide


In both World War 1 and World War 2 our area was bruised and battered. As in the rest of London the men and women that lived in the very streets, the very houses that we now live in were all involved in or certainly touched by the events of the two wars. There was great sacrifice and of course great loss, the people who once lived in this area went through a time in history like no other and I want to tell their story by focusing on each street. This section of my site mainly focuses on World War 2 as I have been unable to find a great deal of information about how the First World War affected our area, I will include anything I can find of course.

Prima Road

Offley Road

Hackford Road

Liberty Street

Caldwell Street

Brixton Road

Crewdson Road

South Island Place

Cranworth Gardens

Clapham Road

Hillyard Street

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    Really interesting..thank you

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