Number 27 Hackford Road – Henry Hayes, Marine Store Dealer

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Kelly’s Directory 1881 tells us that at 27 Hackford Road lived Henry Hayes, a marine store dealer. The term marine store dealer is also commonly used to refer to people of Romany origin  many of whom would have settled down at some point. A Marine Store Dealer was a licensed broker who bought and sold used cordage, bunting, rags, timber, metal and other general waste materials. He usually sorted the purchased waste by kind, grade etc. He also repaired and mended sacks etc.

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Expanding on the info taken from Kelly’s Directory and looking at the Census we find out a little more…

2 Responses to Number 27 Hackford Road – Henry Hayes, Marine Store Dealer

  1. Clare Ford says:

    Thank you so much for this information.So excited to find it as this is my 3x Great Grandfather. Looks like I have very strong links to this area as from Census records Henry Hayes was living on St Ann’s Road from 1841 census. I know from other info on your website St Ann’s Road became Hackford Road. The family were still around this area by 1911 due to family info on great grandfather. So pleased I have found this website. Thank you .

  2. zhinxy says:

    Thank you, I’ve been researching long-forgotten romany ancestors and had no idea what this meant! Glad google brought me here!

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