Zoe’s Memories – Durand Gardens, Hackford Road

Zoe contacted the site in April 2014 sharing her memories of Durand Gardens and Hackford road :

“My family moved to Durand Gardens when I was 3 in 1974 and my Mum still lives there. I remember Zdenka well. She found the goat in the middle garden, tethered to the fence. Rumour had it that somebody had left it there to graze and fatten, to cook later! Zdenka adopted it and used to take it home on a lead.

I remember the Silver Jubilee street party really well. The whole side of numbers 28-36 was closed for a massive table which seated us all. There used to be a musician, Sam, who lived there. He played the piano and we partied all day. We did that for Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding too.
 We used to play out on that side of the gardens all day in the summer and never had to worry about cars, I suppose in those days there weren’t as many. Happy Days!

I also remember the prefabs on Hackford Road and being sad when they were demolished. Prince Charles and Princess Diana came to open the old people’s home there. We waited for ages to see them, I was at the front holding our Jack Russell and Charles stopped and asked me about her and told me that he too had a Jack Russell”

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