Hackford Road – Local Service Register 1945

All listed were members of the forces…

NameDoor Number
John Delaney43
Nancy E Purdy43
Edwin H Jones45
Charles H Wythe47
Frederick C Collis49
Alfred Groaves53
Bernard Dixon57
Norman K Sanford57
James Lellow59a
Frederick C Davies63
Frederick A Stevens63
Alfred C McArthur75
Francis W Potter77
Philip C Soames83
Walter G Kirby85
Jack Barguss107
Frank A King98
Adolfo H Barducci90b
Arthur E W Barnes78b
Alfred J Edwards70b
William H Edwards70b
Gordon W Millgate64b
Frederick Mace64c
Walter Deadfield62b
Robert J Featherstone60c
John Jones50b
Edmund Short50c
Rodney A Green48b
Gertrude H Cutler48c
Joseph Babbs40a
Robert F Wyss40c
Cyril D Hines38b
Douglas W Pietersz38c


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