Gustav Grais

Gustav Grais was born Gustav Eichler in Marienburg West Prussia on the 1st December 1860, the son of Carl and Louise Eichler.

He was a circus artiste who lived in the USA for sometime and then eventually moved to England.

In the England Eichler changed his name to Grais and ran a circus of baboons and zebra. He was also an accomplished trapeze artist, juggler and an all round showman. A pioneer of the parachute, he undertook daredevil jumps from gas filled balloons all over the world. 

The image above shows Grais riding a zebra along Brixton high street.

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  1. gary grais says:

    I am looking in to my family history and was told by my father Mr.Geoffrey Gustave Grais that one of our grand parents was linked to the circus and i am assuming that this is the person above? Could you possibly tell me of any children he may have had and who he was married too? I have also been told that one of our grandmothers was a slack rope walker i would greatly appreciate any information that you have.

    Kind Regards Mr. Gary James Grais

  2. gary grais says:

    Also Mr Geoffrey Gustave Grais’s Father was called George Grais and he was married to Miss Alice (nee Seckerson) Grais. He had one sister called Virgie which was short for Virginie (french pronunciation), and 2 other brothers whose names are unknown to me, i believe one left for Australia in 1920’s and the other left for USA/Canada.
    Thank You G.Grais

    • linda matthews says:

      Hello. Gustav grais was my great grandad. My cousins have been doing a family tree. How interesting is this. Regards Linda.

      • Debbie says:

        Hi Linda, Gustav Grais would have also been my great grandad. I’m wondering how your cousins got on with their family tree? I would love to know more about my ancestry
        Kind regards Debbie

    • Virginia Grais says:

      I have just seen this website. My grandfather was Charles George Grais and he lived here in Austalia until his death in 1974. He had a son, my father Victor Grais and a daughter Virgie Grais. Both now deceased.

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