Won £1,000 For Girl – They Wed

Daily Mirror, Mon 22 Jul 1946 Page 2-3

A girl who lost a leg when a baby after a tractor crashed into her pram has married a man who fought to get her £1,000* damages eighteen years later. The bride is pretty Frances Dyer, 22, married at Christ Church, Brixton, London, on Saturday to ex-soldier Len Fowler, of Morat Street Brixton.

Frances walked down the aisle in a shimmering satin dress which covered a new artifical limb. Len said afterwards:

“Crutches and unhappiness have gone out of Frances’ life for good. I’m starting a cellulose spraying business, and I’ll die for her before she has to worry again”

Their romance began when Len received a Red Cross food parcel sent by Frances. He wrote to thank her, they met and Len heard how the girl he was to wed has been “paid off” with only £15 after the accident. He urged Frances to reopen the case, and a long quest ended with witnesses being found. In the High Court her right to substantial compensation was pleaded by one of Britain’s greatest advocates, Sir Patrick Hastings.

While the hearing went on Frances and Len got engaged, and their happy future was given a sure start by the announcement of £1,000 damages. After the honeymoon Len and Frances will settle down in a little house in Morat Street.

* In today’s money (2013) the damages of £1000 awarded in 1946 would equate to £36,340.00

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