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  1. Diane says:

    Hi, have just become aware of this website (2020). I’m not on social media but for information, I lived on Cowley Rd (on the corner with Cancel Road) and went to Cowley Rd School, starting 1954. I have 2 photos of class groups between 1954 and 1959 taken with the headmistress and headmaster, in the upper hall.
    Cowley School was at the southern end of the street with a taxi garage behind the houses, opposite a small square with a garden, it used to be plagued with ladybirds in summer.
    At the northern end of the road were the Cowley Stores where we drove the owner, a gentleman suffering from emphysema, crazy spending forever picking out our hal’penny sweets. Next door was a second hand shop and a cobblers and right on the corner with Vassall Rd, a greengrocer.
    My grandparents lived literally opposite me on the Cowley Estate along with a cousin, his parent’s flat backed onto Gosling Way.
    Recall playing on the estate many a time. I could never climb onto the roof of the shelters without a struggle. Do recall a Coronation party in those shelters – boy, what a musty smell. There would infrequently be a loud bang when somebody’s geyser exploded in someone’s flat on the estate.
    Our home, the upper floor of a terraced house had an outdoor loo. The seat was wooden and stretched from one wall to the other and the toilet bowl was of the painted variety. Plenty of cobwebs too. The garden was big with two large glass greenhouses. The owner kept pigeons which lead me to having a feather phobia.
    We moved from the area in 1960 when the new Council owner of our property wanted to demolish it – unsurprisingly. I was uprooted from school friends forever.

  2. Alex McIntosh says:

    Dear Diane; I lived just across the road and into the courtyard of the flats opposite you – in one of the top floor flats on Gosling way; #279. I moved there in about 1954 aged 6, and like you, went to Cowley School, shopped at the Cowley Stores and played on the air raid shelters in the flats. Have you seen the “Memories of Brixton and Stockwell” Facebook group which occasionally features pictures of the Cowley Estate? I visited the area a couple of years back with a group of old school friends from Tenisons in Kennington, and on I walked past your old house, now adjacent to open space; newly created parkland east of the southern half of Cowley Rd, opposite where the “Cowley Mansions” used to stand. Your house looks to have been tarted up, together with others on the terrace! Best wishes, Alex (Sandy) McIntosh

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