Number 2 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

Number 2 is the property on the far right of the modern picture above next to Prima Road. It is currently an Italian deli called Mimi’s.

In the photo above taken in 1912 Number 2 can be seen on the far right.

1881George WormullCutler
1888H J WrightPrinter
1891John SmeetonFlorist & Seedsman
1892John SmeetonFlorist & Seedsman
1894John SmeetonFlorist & Seedsman
1895John SmeetonFlorist & Seedsman
1896John SmeetonFlorist & Seedsman
1897John SmeetonFlorist & Seedsman
1898John SmeetonFlorist & Seedsman
1903John SmeetonFlorist & Seedsman
1904Smeeton & CoFlorists
1909Miss Helena SmallwoodFlorist
1915Miss Helena SmallwoodFlorist
1920Miss Helena SmallwoodFlorist
1923Miss Helena SmallwoodFlorist
1925Miss Helena SmallwoodFlorist
1926Miss Helena SmallwoodFlorist
1928Miss Helena SmallwoodFlorist

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