Part 10 – Cranworth Gardens on the 1911 Census in Statistics and Numbers

In the year that George V was crowned, many suffragettes were arrested and Britain’s first escalator was installed in Earls Court tube station, 35 million people were recorded onto an England-wide Census. This section focuses purely on the tenants that were living in Cranworth Gardens when the census was conducted on the night of Sunday 2nd April 1911. This section looks at occupants of the street in statistical terms, for in-depth information about each individual tenant go back to part 8.

Here are the stats from Cranworth Gardens on the 1911 Census

How many people were there?

There are 150 flats that make up the street in 1911.

48 were missing from the census, the householders either not present or refused to be registered on it (see suffragette boycott)

This means that the information I have to work with comes from the remaining 102 households.



The total number of men, women and children living on Cranworth Gardens in the 102 households featured on the census was 300.  

The average number of people per flat was 3.

There were 179 female and 121 male occupants.


Average age of a person on Cranworth Gardens in 1911


Average adult age on Cranworth Gardens in 1911 was 35 years old

Average age of under 18’s on Cranworth Gardens in 1911 was 9 years old

(In 1911 females could expect to live to 54, and men to 50)



The youngest person on Cranworth Gardens in 1911 was 7 month old Joan Benedickter.

The oldest person was 94 year old Joseph Reichfeld a Hungarian tailor born in 1817.

Where were the tenants from?

*3 of the 300 occupants did not list their place of birth.


 How many adults/how many children?

For the purposes of this feature I am classifying a child as anyone below age 18.

Married or Single?

 How many of the 102 households that took part in the 1911 census had children?

The average number of children per household was 1.5




Highest occupancy – Two flats had 7 occupants







Lowest occupancy – Fifteen flats had 1 occupant




Multi Occupancy


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