Tuesday 1st October 1940 – Crewdson Road & South Island Place

For some reason Crewdson Road and South Island Place took quite a battering in the Blitz, perhaps due to their curved shape making them stand out from the air, whatever the reason it all began on the afternoon of Tuesday 1st October 1940.

A summary of the incident

Sites of the bombs are indicated with red dots on the map below:

There are two Civil Defence incident logs for this bombing raid, the first reads:

Time16:30 PM
Position of OccuranceCrewdson Road
Type of bombsHigh Explosive
Casualties (Approx)3
Whether any trapped under wreckageNil
Damage to MainsNil
Names of any roads blockedNil
Position of any unexploded bombsNil
Time of occurance14:10 PM
NotesAll services have left scene of incidents

 And the second reads:

Position of OccuranceSouth Island Place
Type of bombsHigh Explosive
Casualties (Approx)None
Whether any trapped under wreckageNone
Damage to MainsNone
Names of any roads blockedNone
Position of any unexploded bombsNone
Time of occurance14:10
NotesAll services have left scene of incident

 The civil defence messages sent back and forth to the local ARP (Air raid precaution) depot read as follows..

The Crewdson Road set of messages: 

DateTimeText of Message
1.10.4014:24 PMExpress Report Casualties at Crewdson Road
2.10.407:12 AMSupplementary Report Crewdson Road between Brixton Road & Clapham Road. 14:06. High Explosive.
43 & 41 uninhabitable.
45 Demolished. Casualties - 3 slight. RP/R arrived.
Debris cleared. Owing to dangerous condition of buildings on Crewdson Road, road blocked.
Roofs, windows, chimneys and chimney pots damaged in the vicinity.
Homeless at 43,45 & 47 made arrangements for accomodation with friends.
All occupants of these three houses have been traced.

The South Island Place set of messages:

DateTimeText of Message
1.10.4014.142 High Explosives Clapham Road. Reported as South Island Place by wardens
1.10.4014.2Express Report Casualties at South Island Place
2.10.4007:21South Island Place 14:06 - High Explosive bomb.
Slight damage to no 45 South Island Place - no casualties.
RPR cleared away debris

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