Wednesday 25th September 1940 – Sweetings Timber yard – Offley Road

By late September the Blitz was in full stride. On the 25th September alone hundreds of Civilians not yet accustomed to the terror from above lost their lives.

There are no local records of anything major occurring on this date apart from an incendiary bomb falling onto one of the worst possible targets, Sweeting’s timber yard. The mixture of dry wood and a bomb that burns at over 1000°c resulted in a business that had been around for many years being very badly damaged.

A summary of the incident

Time that the bombs hit00:10
Type of bomb/sIncendiary
Was anyone hurt or killed?No
Where did the bombs land?On a wood storage and workshop yard behind Brixton Road and Offley Road
Were houses damaged?No
Were businesses damaged?Yes
Were there evacuations?No

The civil defence incident log reads:

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The civil defence messages sent back and forth to the local ARP (Air raid precaution) depot read as follows:

DateTimeText of Message
25.9.404.0741 Brixton Road. 20:10. Incendiary Bomb. Premises burnt out, casualties - nil.
25.9.4004:11Supplementary Report Offley Road between Prima Road & Brixton Road. 20:10 Incendiary Bomb.
41 Offley Road - Sweetings Timber Yard burned out.
Blast confined to these premises.
Casualties - nil.
Extinguished - 1 appliance standing by.

Site of the bomb is indicated with red dots on the map below:

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