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  1. John Morrissey says:

    Hello Chris,
    My brother put me on to site and I must say how interesting it is. I would never have found it on google or yahoo!
    I was born in Morat Street in the late forties and my family lived there until 1971. Early memories take me back to the bomb sites on the corner of Hackford Road and St Anns Street where I remember the fireworks on bombfire night where crowds of local people used to gather. In those days or maybe a few years later we used to be able to get into the cellar of the bombed house on the corner of St Anns Street.
    You mention ‘Sweetings Funerals’ which I’m sure were still in locality I think they were the first house in Brixton Road on the north of Coldwell Street. Over the road to the south of Cordwell Street was The Russell Hotel that had a big car park in front and a Newspaper kiosk ‘Charlies’ where I used to have a paper round in the sixties.
    I will write again if this is any use to you.
    John Morrissey

  2. marian byford/wood says:

    I have so many memories of Morat Street during 1950s. I lived at 34a middle flat and then 54 ground floor. I went to Durand infant school and then the reay school. I can still remember loads of names of those who lived and went to those schools during that time and would be interested to hear from anyone who also remembers

  3. Pearl Catlin says:

    I remember Morat street because I had school friends who owned a most enormous second hand furniture place somewhere nearby and it was where I used to take tap dancing lessons in flat 33. Red shoes with big satin bows. Wow!
    But my contributions to the website here hover around Albert Square and Stockwell Park Crescent. Maybe long before your time 1940s.

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