Number 7 Holland Street 1881 – William Moore, Farrier and George Stokes, Bookbinder

Please note Caldwell Street was called Holland Street in 1881 – see here.

Kelly’s Directory 1881 tells us that at 7 Holland Street was William Moore, Farrier and George Stokes, Bookbinder.

 Click here to see where this property would have stood on a modern day map.

Expanding on the info taken from Kelly’s Directory and looking at the Census we find out a little more…

First of all I’ve had to figure out why this property was occupied by two businesses. It appears from examining further use of number 7 that it’s dual usage was to do with the fact that it had a yard. The yard was used by one business, in this case by Mr Moore, a Farrier and the building itself occupied by Mr Stokes’ bookbinding business. Unfortunately the Census of 1881 for this part of the street is very unclear and therefore I’ve not been able to locate either Mr Moore or Mr Stokes on it, however from looking at the 1891 Census it appears that Mr Moore lived here, not Mr Stokes. You can see from the Census below that Mr Moore was not married and lived with two lodgers (one of which has taken over the space where the book binding business was and turned it into a newsagent). Going back to the fact that we are looking at Kelly’s directory 1881 at the time Mr Moore must have lived above the book binding business.

NameRelation to head of householdAgeYear bornTown of birthCity of birthCountry of birthProfession
WilliamMoore58abt 1833CamberwellLondonEnglandFarrier & Smith
BetsyPerry86abt 1805SidcupKentEnglandLiving on own means
Avenell MBussell25abt 1866WandsworthLondonEnglandTobacconist & Newsagent

Mr Moore was a Farrier and blacksmith (a Farrier being a specialist in equine hoof care)

I am wondering whether George Stokes is the same person listed as living at 20 Russell Street in 1871?

NameRelation to head of householdAgeYear bornTown of birthCity of birthCountry of birthProfession
Robert StokesHead59abt 1812LambethSurreyEnglandBrass Chaser
Elizabeth StokesWife58abt 1813CityMiddlesexEngland/
James StokesSon29abt 1842CityMiddlesexEnglandWharf Porter
Emma StokesDaughter22abt 1849CityMiddlesexEnglandBook Folder
George StokesSon15abt 1856CityMiddlesexEnglandBook Binder

The Stokes family appear to have specialised in all things related to books, have a look at the entry on this site for Number 20 Russell Street and you will see that George is not listed as living with his family on Russell Street by 1881, perhaps he was lodging at Number 7 Holland Street with Mr Moore. I will try and prove this theory once I can get hold of a better image of the Census from this part of the street from 1881.

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