Number 66a Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

Number 66a can be seen above in this modern photograph.

There is something rare to the side of the building, something I’ve not come across anywhere else on the street – an original sign.

The sign is for Scmidt’s Bakery which you will see occupied this premises until the First World War when most German owned businesses in England changed their names due to anti-German riots and brutal attacks. So Schmidt’s became Wilsons and from talking to the locals it remained so until the 1990’s, that’s almost one hundred years of baking.

To read the story of Scmidt’s/Wilson’s click here.


Wilsons in 2006 before the conversion into a kitchen showroom.

1881Not Featured
1886Not Featured
1888Not Featured
1889Not Featured
1890Not Featured
1891Henry SchmidtBaker
1892Henry SchmidtBaker
1894Henry SchmidtBaker
1895Henry SchmidtBaker
1897Henry SchmidtBaker
1898Henry SchmidtBaker
1903Mrs Amelia SchmidtBaker
1904Mrs Amelia SchmidtBaker
1909Mrs Amelia SchmidtBaker
1915Mrs Amelia SchmidtBaker
1920/Wilson's Bakeries Ltd
1923/Wilson's Bakeries Ltd
1925Wilson's Bakeries Ltd
1926Wilson's Bakeries Ltd
1928Wilson's Bakeries Ltd


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  1. Bob Morrissey says:

    Chris, I was in touch with you a while ago concerning Morat Street where I grew up. I most certainly remember Wilson’s the baker at 66 Brixton Road. Mr. Wilson was (in the 1950s) a white haired old man still with a German accent. The shop was pure Victorian with display cases containing stuffed birds. We always tried to get mum to buy us “tea leaf” cakes, better known these days as truffles. Mr. Wilson was certainly a master baker, we always wanted to stop there.

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