Number 66 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

Number 66 is the left hand half of Oval Tandoori restaurant as shown in the modern photo above. This property is one of four that make up this small block that does not appear in Kelly’s Directories until 1891, perhaps due to the fact that it was originally residential.

Poster from 1895. Copyright © The British Library Board

The property was predominantly occupied by Home & Colonial Stores, a kind of Victorian/Edwardian Tesco – see more about the chain here.

1881Not Featured
1886Not Featured
1888Not Featured
1889Not Featured
1890Not Featured
1891Harry BurtonButcher
1892Merry & CoMantle Makers
1894Merry & CoMantle Makers
1895/Home & Colonial Lim
1897/Home & Colonial Lim
1898/Home & Colonial Lim
1903Home & Colonial Stores Ltd
1904Home & Colonial Stores Ltd
1909Home & Colonial Stores Ltd
1915Home & Colonial Stores Ltd
1920Home & Colonial Stores Ltd
1923Home & Colonial Stores Ltd
1925Home & Colonial Stores Ltd
1926Home & Colonial Stores Ltd
1928Home & Colonial Stores Ltd

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