Fred Walker – 6 Brixton Road 1901 Census

NamePosition in householdAgeYear of birthGenderProfessionTown of BirthCountry of Birth
Frederic Leven WalkerHead40abt 1861MaleRetail - TobacconistCroydon, SurreyEngland
Sarah Eliza WalkerWife45abt 1856FemaleAssistant - TobacconistMucking, EssexEngland
Frederic Walter WalkerSon15abt 1886MaleAssistant - TobacconistCroydon, SurreyEngland
Edith Isabel WalkerDaughter13abt 1888Female/Croydon, SurreyEngland
Alfred James WalkerSon7abt 1894Male/Croydon, SurreyEngland
Louisa JeffersonLodger61abt 1840Female///

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