Number 56 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

Number 56 is the property with the ‘Amazing Grace’ sign above it on the modern photo above. Number 56 was at first number 58 until renumbering around 1898.


In the image above from 1908 you can see 56 Brixton Road to the left of the image. You can see that the sign says “Wall” this was Lydia Wall’s bakers shop at the time.

Paper Bag from 1879. Copyright © The British Library Board

Although the image above pre-dates the records I have access to it is clearly a paper bag from John Samuel & North Co, bakers listed here. It appears that they were once situated in number 58 although my records do not go back that far.

1881Not Featured
1886Not Featured
1888Mrs Emma LorneLaundress
1889Mrs Emma CorneLaundress
1890Not Featured
1891Not Featured
1892John Samuel & North CoBakers
1894John Samuel & North CoBakers
1895John Samuel & North CoBakers
1897Mrs Lydia WallBaker
1898Mrs Lydia WallBaker
1903Mrs Lydia WallBaker
Post & M.O. & T.O & S.B. & Annuity & Insurance Office
1904Mrs Lydia WallBaker
Post & Telegraph Office
1909Mrs Lydia WallBaker
1915Not Featured
1920Jessie PhillipsBaker
1923Jessie PhillipsBaker
Post & M.O. & T.O & Annuity & Insurance Office
1925Albert GoddartBaker
Post Office
1926Albert GoddartBaker
Post Office
1928Albert GoddartBaker
Post Office

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