Number 42 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

Number 42 Brixton Road can be seen above and is one half of Migue’s Tapas Bar. Originally it was a standalone shop, it was then converted and merged with the two shops to it’s right, it still remains merged with number 40. Number 42 was originally number 44 Brixton Road.

1888Mattias F O'KeeffeArchitect
1889Mattias F O'KeeffeArchitect
1890Mattias F O'KeeffeArchitect
1891Not featured
1892Robert Alfred JohnsonFishmonger
1894Robert Alfred JohnsonFishmonger
1895Robert Alfred JohnsonFishmonger
1897Robert Alfred JohnsonFishmonger
1898Robert Alfred JohnsonFishmonger
1903Robert Alfred JohnsonFishmonger
1904Robert Alfred JohnsonFishmonger
1909Robert Alfred JohnsonFishmonger
1915S Frost & CoButchers
1920S Frost & CoButchers
1923S Frost & CoButchers
Now joined to 40 & 38
1925S Frost & CoProvision Merchants
1926S Frost & CoProvision Merchants
1928S Frost & CoProvision Merchants, butchers & grocersTelephone Brixton 1437

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