Number 32 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

As you may have seen on the page for number 32a this premises and the next few shops have all gone through renumbering and from what I can tell rebuilding. This has resulted in there being more shops listed in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1894 between numbers 32a and the end of this block which was at that time numbered 38a. 32 was initially a store slightly to the left of where Blissetts now stands, from the late 1890’s however it stood exactly where Blissetts now stands.

An advert for the Mitchell family furniture removals business taken from Kelly’s directory 1926.

It appears that there is a theme to the shops in this part of the street, that being builders goods, furniture and general houseware stores (then called often called Ironmongers). It is fitting that Blissetts now stands on this site, it’s timber yard reached via a passage to the left of the shop that occupies the space of what was once another premises. It is likely that at the back of these shops were workshops, furniture stores and a timber yard, the current timber yard for Blissetts occupying part of this space. The columns to the left of the store are very ornate and topped with a horseshoe shape,  a very common symbol in Victorian times. It’s a little peculiar that the right hand side column is missing it’s top part. From what I can tell they probably flanked either side of the premises which stood next door to 32 before being made into a passageway. It may be that they survived from the frontage of the original buildings to occupy this spot.

1886A W LovejoyThe Brixton Road Supply Stores
1888David AndrewsCheesemonger
1889Amos VickeryCheesemonger
1890Not featured
1891Not featured
1892Frederick T Dent & CoHouse Furnishers
1894Joseph William Canter & SonsGrocers
1895Joseph William Canter & SonsGrocers
1897Joseph William Canter & SonsGrocers
1898Joseph William Canter & SonsGrocers
1903Charles MitchellFurniture Remover
1904J MitchellFurniture Remover
1909J MitchellFurniture Remover
1915Charles MitchellFurniture Remover
1920Charles Arthur MitchellFurniture Remover
1923J Mitchell & SonsFurniture Removers
1925J Mitchell & SonsFurniture RemoversTelephone - Brixton 664
1926J Mitchell & SonsFurniture RemoversTelephone - Brixton 664
1928J Mitchell & SonsFurniture RemoversTelephone - Brixton 0664



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