Number 28 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

Number 28 Brixton road can be seen above in this modern photograph, it is the property with the ‘Low Cost Supermarket sign. This premises has gone through a multitude of uses and as with number 26 it appears to have begun life as a residential premises. It is then a dentist for a while and then it disappears from the directories for a few years. In those years it appears that Mrs Bolton Lacey and ‘Young Bolton’ (perhaps her husband?) moved out of this property to move to numbers 22 and 24. This premises then makes a return as a double fronted shop along with number 30 as a wallpaper warehouse and builders merchant. Interesting as there is a rare independent builders merchant in the form of Blissets only a few doors down today. By 1903 Charles Barker retains number 30 but no longer trades from 28, it then becomes a tailors and later a milliners.

1886Mrs Bolton-LaceySurgeon-dentist
1888Mrs Bolton-LaceySurgeon-dentist
1889Mrs Bolton-LaceySurgeon-dentist
1890Mrs Bolton-LaceySurgeon-dentist
1891Mrs Bolton-LaceySurgeon-dentist
1892Emma Bolton-LaceySurgeon-dentist R.D.S
Young BoltonArchitect
1894Not featuredNot featured
1895Not featuredNot featured
1896Not featuredNot featured
1897Charles Barker & Co.Paperhangings Warehouse
1898Charles Barker & CoBuilders Merchants
1903Abraham FrockmanClothier
1904Mrs Mary FrockmanClothier
1909Aaron ShapiroClothier
1915Mrs Mary & Aaron ShapiroClothiers
1920Mrs Mary ShapiroTailor
1923Mrs Mary ShapiroTailor
1925Mrs A SurveillantMilliner
1926Mrs A SurveillantMilliner
1928Mrs A SurveillantMilliner

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