Number 2 Holland Street 1881 – Conrad Ehrensperger, Colour Manufactory

Please note Caldwell Street was called Holland Street in 1881 – see here.

Kelly’s Directory 1881 tells us that at 2 Holland Street was Conrad Ehrensperger’s Colour Manufactory.

Click here to see where this property would have stood on a modern day map.

I have been unable to find anything on the Census relating to Mr Conrad Ehrensperger whose distinctive name you would presume would be documented somewhere. Unfortunately at this moment in time my research has been fruitless. All I can find is that he was a merchant based in Westminster. Still, it is interesting to know that a paint factory stood at the end of Holland Street and the corner of Clapham Road and no doubt provided labour based jobs for many local people.  It appears from looking at maps and directories that from this factory along to what we now call The Printworks (originally Causton’s Printworks) were many factories and places of production coming and going across the years. Houses and gardens now cover this site.


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