Number 15 Holland Street 1881 – Mrs G P Mundey, Jobmaster

Please note Caldwell Street was called Holland Street in 1881 – see here.

Kelly’s Directory 1881 tells us that at 15 Holland street lived Mrs G P Mundey, a Jobmaster, this was someone that hired out horse drawn carriages for domestic use.

Number 15 is no longer standing, there is currently a community centre garden on this site. I am not sure why or when this property was demolished, Caldwell Street (then Holland Street) was hit several times during World War II although I cannot find any records showing this part of the street being hit directly.

Click here to see where this property would have stood on a modern day map.

Expanding on the info taken from Kelly’s Directory and looking at the Census we find out a little more…

Due to the fact that the Census for 1881 for this part of the street is damaged I have been unable to extract any information from it regarding Mrs Mundey. Looking at the Census of 1891 Mrs Mundey is now quite elderly and seen still living at this property with her servant Ann. Her first name on the census is quite clearly Eleanor, I am not sure why her Kelly’s Directory entry shows her as ‘Mrs G P Mundey’.

NameRelation to head of householdAgeYear bornTown of birthCity of birthCountry of birthProfession
Eleanor MundeyHead75abt 1816WesterhamKentEnglandCab Proprietor
Ann E TaylorServant45abt 1846BoroughLondonEnglandServant and Cook

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