Number 150 Brixton Road 1881 – Mrs M C Timmis, Ladies School

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Kelly’s Directory 1881 tells us that at 150 Brixton Road was Mrs M C Timmis, Ladies School.

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Expanding on the info taken from Kelly’s Directory and looking at the Census we find out a little more…

We can see from the 1881 census that Mrs Timmis was a widow and living at 150 Brixton road with her two daughters and a servant. At this time many well-to-do women opened their homes up as ladies schools in order to make a bit of money especially if they had been left as widows.

NameRelation to head of householdAgeYear bornTown of birthCity of birthCountry of birthProfession
Martha TimmisHead (Widower)46abt 1835LondonLondonEnglandGoverness Sch Ms
Alice M. TimmisDaughter16abt 1865LondonLondonEnglandScholar
Blanche TimmisDaughter14abt 1867LondonLondonEnglandScholar
Eliza SmartServant17abt 1864LondonLondonEnglandGenl Servt

150 Brixton road is no longer standing, it was part of what we now call Herbert Morrison House, an 1828 row of grand terraced houses. A bomb hit 148 and 150 in World War 2 and the site is now covered by County House.

The picture below shows Herbert Morrison house as it is now, 150 Brixton road would have been attached to the far right side and would have looked as it does on the left of the terrace.

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