Number 130a Brixton Road 1881 – Mrs Hamilton, Dressmaker. The London Kilting Co.

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Kelly’s Directory 1881 tells us that at 130a Brixton Road was Mrs Hamilton, Dressmaker and owner of The London Kilting Co.

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Expanding on the info taken from Kelly’s Directory and looking at the Census we find out a little more…

Well actually we don’t. The Census of 1881 does not appear to contain any reference to Mrs Hamilton. It may be that I am missing the Census for this part of the street although my records appear to cover adjoining properties. It appears that this business specialised in making Kilts which is a rather strange line of business in Victorian London but nevertheless here it stood. I know from looking at 130a for other parts of my website that this property is still standing and is technically in Southey Road, it is known as 130a Brixton Road due to it being an extension of 130 which does actually face Brixton Road, see below for a picture.

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