Number 128 Brixton Road 1881 – Frederick Eavestaff, South London School Of Music

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Kelly’s Directory 1881 tells us that at 128 Brixton Road was Frederick Eavestaff, South London School Of Music.

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Expanding on the info taken from Kelly’s Directory and looking at the Census we find out a little more…

Looking at the Census of 1881 Mr Eavestaff can be seen living here as head of the household, sharing his home with Mr Percy Neann and his family, Mr Neann a chief inspector for the Met Police. The tenants of Brixton road differ from those in the other streets I have covered in my study of 1881 in that they were much wealthier. From doing a little research I have found several pieces of music by Mr Eavestaff available to purchase online and so I imagine that his profession must have brought him a decent wealth and possibly some fame. I would like to find out more about Frederick Eavestaff however for now this is all I can find, he does not appear on the census of 1871 or 1891.

NameRelation to head of householdAgeYear bornTown of birthCity of birthCountry of birthProfession
Fredk. EavestaffHead46abt 1835LondonLondonEnglandProfessor Of Music
Percy George NeannHead40abt 1841MargateKentEnglandChief Inspector Met Police
Margaret Maud NeannWife25abt 1856Nr Birmingham...StaffordshireEngland/
Francis Laurel WardServant16abt 1865Vauxhall LambethLondonEnglandDomestic Servant

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  1. Pearl Catlin says:

    I remember going to a ‘school of Dancing’ to see my friend in a little show. I know it was on Brixton Road but I cannot remember the name at all – yet I can recall the entrance and the photos taken which adorned my friend’s house afterwards. I wonder if it was the same place?? Sometimes the brain lets you down darn it!

    My friend Jean Bloom was the only daughter of AS Bloom the baker of 63 Stockwell Road. She married an American and I saw her only once when I stayed with her in California in 1963. I think she was lost in that earthquake in Northridge. I have tried so often to track her down without success.

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