Natural Causes Verdict

Tuesday, November 13, 1928


How a man died from heart disease while attempting to take his life was told at a Brixton inquest yesterday on Stephen Roberts (68), of Glenshaw Mansions, South Island Place, Brixton. Roberts, a retired draper, was found dead in a chair beside his bed. One end of a silk scarf was tied tightly round his throat, while the other end was fastened to the bed rail. Dr W.G Johnston said that there was a mark round the neck as if the man had fallen forward with his head in the noose, but the man died from heart disease. The Coroner (Mr Douglas Cowburn):

“This is not the first time I have had such a state of things. When people are going to take their lives they suffer from shock which acts on a diseased heart, and they die from heart failure before they have an opportunity of putting their design into execution.”

The coroner returned a verdict of death from natural causes.

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