37 Hackford Road 1881 to 1928

Number 37 Hackford Road is no longer standing – to see where it would have stood on a modern day map click here.

188137Robert BelcherNewsagent
188637Mrs Martha HardyTobacconist
188837Mrs Martha HardyTobacconist
188937Mrs Martha HardyTobacconist
189037Henry ManningTobacconist
189137G MulhlpfordTobacconist
189237Edward Thomas ByfieldTobacconist
189437William CottendenTobacconist
189537William CottendenTobacconist
189637Robert KnottsTobacconist
189737Robert KnottsTobacconist
189837Robert KnottsTobacconist
192637George F DeanOilman

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