Number 20 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

Number 20 can be seen above in this modern photograph.

In the photograph above taken in 1912 Number 20 is at the far left, at the time an electricity sub-station.

1881J HintonDraper
1888J HintonDraper
1889J HintonDraper
1890J HintonDraper
1891Edward DrakeDraper
1892Edward DrakeDraper
1894London Tramway Co. Ltd (Depot)
1895London Tramway Co. Ltd (Depot)
1896London Tramway Co. Ltd (Depot)
1897London Tramway Co. Ltd (Depot)
1898London Tramway Co. Ltd (Depot)
1903London County Council Tramways Electricity Station
1904London County Council Tramways Sub-station
1909London County Council Tramways Sub-station
1926London County Council Tramways Sub-station
1928London County Council Tramways Sub-station

I have user ‘Puddy-tat’ from the wonderful Urban75 Brixton forum to thank for the below post I found on a thread about the Brixton Trams.

He says ’20 Brixton Road, Kennington, is worth a mention.

This was (in cable tram days) a small depot (for one or two trams), stables, and office, as well as housing cable tensioning equipment. (described as having a central arch for the tram, an entrance for horses on one side of the centre, and an entrance for staff on the other)

Today, the building is an Italian Catholic Mission Centre.

The full thread is here.

One Response to Number 20 Brixton Road in Kelly’s Directories 1881 to 1928

  1. puddy_tat says:

    Thanks for the mention.

    while i was researching something else on the web recently, I found the ‘cable car guy’ website which has a piece on the Brixton Hill cable trams –

    The photograph taken in horse / cable tram days (which can be enlarged) shows 20 Brixton Road, the frontage of which appears much the same as now. Until now, I’d not been sure whether the present structure was the previous depot, or built on the site of it. This seems to make it clear that the present building was the depot from cable tram days.

    The definitive history of the London County Council Tramways (E R Oakley, 1989) lists what rolling stock and sites transferred from the London Tramways Co to the Council in 1899 (and mentions that 3,808 horses were involved in the sale) – this lists 3 ‘gripper’ cars being allocated to 20 Brixton Road at that date.

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